Welcome to the KINKY world of

~ Hannah Mannah ~

Listen can you hear the make-up calling
Far away but I’ll be with you soon
Rocketing from outer space in orbit
Flown in from the disco on the moon

Have yourself a taste of
Hannah Mannah…

Speeding on her way to something camp
Missing for a night not gone forever
I’ll be here to take good care of you
Take a breath and take the plunge my dear
Maybe things that you don’t know are better
I’ll take you on a wonder trip from here

Yes, I’m a girl who’s a boy who likes boys to be  girls who likes boys to be boys.

KINKY can cover so many possibilities: there really is no limit.

One person’s kink is another’s poison: but then you knew that anyway!

So come in and explore my life of hedonism, assorted fetishes, dark sublime erotic journeys,

with my acceptance of everything that is different and fun in life.

I adore pleasure & pain in equal measure

So if you are looking for a girl with #glam or #kinky tastes to dominate you or adore then…

Some things to bear in mind

Height: six foot three inches before #heels and #hair
Weight: one hundred and eighty nine pounds and falling!
Inside leg: thirty six inches (yes that is a lot of leg!!)
Dress size: 14 (12 if I’m really good!!)
Hair: Blondes have more fun but brunettes earn more money

What makes Hannah smile?

  • Perfect make up
  • Quality Drag Queens
  • Heels, latex rubber and PVC
  • BDSM
  • Fine wine and champagne
  • Skiing
  • Fun nights in

The following really PISS her off

  • Insincerity
  • Intolerance
  • Bad manners
  • Rude email