What’s Estim?

What's EstimEstim or electro stimulation is the practice of using electrical stimulation applied to the body. Most often it’s done for sexual and other pleasurable purposes like bdsm..The process involves attaching electrodes to genitalia to pass electricity through the body to create an auto-erotic activity: masturbation to you and me!

Low-voltage TENS Units (Transcutaneous Electric Neural Stimulators) use electricity to have fun! Using specially designed machines to apply electrical stimulation to the genitals for sexual pleasure will not be every one’s cup of tea. People like me do it nonetheless. But beware.the genitals can be more sensitive to stimulation than other parts of your body, So it’s probably better to start out slowly!. Ramp up the intensity as you get used to it as we will explore later. Be careful: It can be a very dangerous and even lethal practice if not done correctly.

Essentially there are two ways that electricity flows into your body. Firstly two electronic pads can be stuck  to the body to create a circuit within the body and the current then trickles through. Alternatively with no circuit just connect a pad for a sudden sharp pain.

Why do Estim?

As someone who received a serious electric shock when younger you may well wonder why such a practice appeals but it does. OK as kids, a dare was to lick a 9 volt battery but this is a little more intense or it can be. Firstly let’s be clear, it does not involve strapping you or someone to the mains. Further the aim is to stimulate the nerves not cause massive electric shock or harm.

Electro stimulation can be a most pleasurable experience. Equally, Estim can be used in some BDSM scenes to cause a more intense sensation rather than a gentle rhythmic pulse. The experience of electro stimulation for me is strangely pleasurable.

Between you and the electric socket in the wall will be a power unit, The unit  stimulates the genital areas by creating a controlled (high or low) energy current. Touching the skin are conductive electrodes connected to the power unit. These electrodes enable the electricity to pass into your body.. Bear in mind that we have naturally occurring electricity in our body. As a result when the pulses from the estim touch the nerves in our body there’s a frisson of excitement as the two collide

What’s Estim Like?

Well that’s a very good question.it depends!

What's EstimI guess a lot will depend on what you and your Mistress have agreed. to what degree do you wish your body to be pushed. Are you here for pleasure pain or a bit of both?. At the lower end it feels like a tickling or tingling sensation. Turn up the dial and it becomes more intense. Bondage adds to the fun be that into a medical chair or bench. Electrodes are usually connected to the cock and I personally love the sensation of electrodes around the anus! A blindfold will heighten the senses as well. Combine with other equipment to put together a very kinky session.

So speak to your Mistress and agree what;s going to happen.

Bear in mind things may not always go the way you plan. I always find the phrase “and a little estim” and a wicked smile pleasing on the ears but careful what you wish for. At a recent session with electrodes on my cock and glory hole I was wrapped in cling film and then heavily bound once we’d agreed that the electrodes were working. As the current flowed maybe a little too strongly I raised my legs in pain. Inadvertently I forced the current higher as my legs swung up to meet the hand on the control box, I squealed. As a result I’ve enough electricity to light Newcastle in my balls but hey it was fun. Note to self: try not to overreact next time!


What to buy for Estim?

There are are plenty of products on the market. As with everything in life you get what you pay for.

The ElectraStim Flick Duo is the world’s first rechargeable electro sex machine. It has two independent channels! That makes it Ideal for couples. It will also appeal to power players who want to use more toys at the same time, Flick Duo can power up to 4 uni-polar (single hits-see above) or 2 bi-polar electrodes at once. Each channel is controlled independently, As a result you get more control over the sensations you feel and improving shared stimulation with your partner.

This machine also benefits from 8 pattern settings and 4 motion-activated Flick settings. That provides  over 25 intensity levels to explore. Now that for me is a lot of choices!, So spoil yourself as you explore the titillating charms of this innovative stimulator. Small in size and big on function, i know that you’ll love the sleek look and feel of this intuitive electostimulation device.


Hopefully this blog has given you an insight into Estim. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. If like me you like it or have a question please comment below or come and say hi on Twitter